Welcome to St. Elizabeth Parish

Mission Statement


St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish is a Catholic community of faith, helping its people connect their faith with the world in which they live by responding to the call of Jesus Christ through the proclamation of Scripture, the celebration of Eucharist, Prayer, and in living the sacramental life of the Church.
We are committed to stewardship by responding to others needs through ministries of faith and love, addressing our spiritual, social and educational needs  throughout the community.


Mass Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 am
Saturday Vigil at 4:00 pm
Sunday at 11:00 am
Confessions: Saturday Between 3:00 and 3:30 pm

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Princess, the daughter of King Andrew of Hungary. Great-aunt of Saint Elizabeth of Portugal. She married Prince Louis of Thuringa at age 13. Built a hospital at the foot of the mountain on which her castle stood; tended to the sick herself. Her family and courtiers opposed this, but she insisted she could only follow Christ's teachings, not theirs. Once when she was taking food to the poor and sick, Prince Louis stopped her and looked under her mantle to see what she was carrying; the food had been miraculously changed to roses. Upon Louis' death, Elizabeth sold all that she had, and worked to support her four children. Her gifts of bread to the poor, and of a large gift of grain to a famine stricken Germany, led to her patronage of bakers and related fields.


    1207 at Presburg, Hungary
    1231 at Marburg of natural causes